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The majority of Indian adults don’t have viable ways to start building credit. Many of them don’t even know their credit score or don’t know how to improve their current one. Once they do decide to start their credit journey, they are left frustrated when told the main way to build is through having the credit products they were told they don’t yet qualify for.

Astu Credit has been specialising in solving consumer's chicken and egg problem of credit by helping them build a credit score without a credit card or loan. We help them by converting their existing expenses into credit payments and report it the bureau without hampering their cashflow.



Akshay Jaiswal

Akshay is a graduate in Computer Science from IIT (BHU) Varanasi. His first exposure to finance came due to working at RBI's research wing at Hyderabad and he later worked as a Market Risk Strat at Goldman Sachs where he used to build interest rate risk models for the firm. He left his job there to build something for people who need it the most in India in order to create a bigger impact in the lives of people. Akshay handles product, risk and roadmap at Astu.

Shivanju Awasthi

Shivanju is a graduate in Computer Science from IIT (BHU) Varanasi. He started his career as a Software Engineer at VMware where he wrote 2 patents and 2 research papers. He joined Akshay in order to create something which can be used by the common people of India and handles technology end-to-end at Astu. Shivanju is a friend of Akshay since 2012.

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