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Build Credit Score
with a Debit Card

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Astu is the first debit card in India that builds your credit history, use any of your existing bank account with it.


Apply now to get upto 10% cashback on each purchase.

Privacy & Security

127 Banks


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Pay rent,

Pay bills,

Shop online,

Shop offline.

Use your card anywhere to build your credit score with it.

The majority of Indian adults don’t have viable ways to start building credit history and score. Many of them don’t even know their credit score or don’t know how to improve their current one. Once they do decide to start their credit journey, they are left frustrated when told the main way to build is through having the credit products they were told they don’t yet qualify for.

Astu Credit has been specialising in solving consumer's chicken and egg problem of credit by helping them build a credit history and score without a credit card or loan. We help them by converting their existing expenses into credit payments and report it the bureau without hampering their cashflow.


Why Astu?

At Astu, we work with the RBI registered NBFCs and credit bureaus like CIBIL, Experian, CRIF and Equifax for reporting your payments.

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Build credit score with every purchase

At the end of every month, purchases made with the Astu Debit Card are tallied up and reported to the credit bureaus to help build your credit score.

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Earn upto 10% cashback

Apply now to earn upto 10% cashback on each purchase for first 3 months while you start building your credit score.

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Easily connect with your existing bank

Astu doesn't ask you to open any bank account, just connect any bank account with autopay and start spending to build your credit history and score.

How does it work?


Astu Card connects to your existing bank account to sign you up for credit score improvement.

When you transact with Astu Card, we auto debit the same amount from your bank account.

At the end of the month, we total up all your transactions and report them to credit bureaus.


Trusted by marquee Early Stage Investors

We are backed by marquee early stage investors who share our vision, passion, and commitment to first principles.

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What is the need of an Excellent Credit Score?

Easy Approval on Home, Education or Business Loans
Financial Security & Better Lifestyle for Family
Lower Interest Rates & saving of Lakhs of Rupees on Interest

What Our Users Say

“I had my CIBIL score down to 523 due to missing payments in Covid, Astu helped me reach 700+ within 4 months”

New Delhi

“My credit score was stuck at 600 for quite some time, Astu helped me start building it again and reach 750+ in 6 months”

Sushanth, Bangalore

“When I went to take education loan, I could not get it as no one in my family has a credit score. Astu helped me in starting to build one”


Get Ready to Build credit score & history and Earn 10% cashback with Astu Debit Card

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